The ungroomed trails will take you over frozen lakes, through portages and past flowing rivers. Mother nature will surely impress you with unsurpassed beauty. Imagine being on a remote lake with lots of fresh snow and not another track in sight.

Winter fishing at Deschaumbault Lake Resort is an excellent experience and one you will not soon forget. This season usually begins late November through to March 31. The lake is sometimes accessible by truck, but snowmobiles are best. Winter fishing is great on Deschambault Lake, but it is equally awesome on other lakes accessible only by snowmobile.

Fishing is superb on our beautiful lake. There is plenty of room to fish the hot spots as Deschambault Lake has over 2000 miles of shoreline. Deschambault Lake is fed by five main natural spawning rivers, thus creating an abundance of fish. Pickerel average 2 to 3 lbs, Northern Pike average 4 to 15 lbs, Perch average 1.4 to 2 lbs, White Fish, Tulabi and Burbot are also caught.

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Peak fishing at Deschambault Lake is year-round with January, February and March being hot times for ice fishermen and May, June and July for the warm weather fishermen. The fishing season on Deschambault Lake is open from the May long-weekend through to March 31. Saskatchewan fishing regulations apply.